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We protect bees, the ones you love.

We protect bees, the ones you love.
Natural solutions away from chemicals.
As a result of our R&D studies,
in Vetorax Apiaries using Vetorax Biocontrol probiotic bacteria,
no pathogenic agents have been observed in more than 400 colonies for a period of 1 year.
Bees are stronger with Vetorax Vetomin
More offspring in bees and a larger brood area with Vetomin.

Why Vetorax?

We have always been in favor of what is natural since the establishment of the company until today. We will continue to produce natural products both for beekeepers and for consumers.


The probiotics it contains contribute positively to the lifespan of bees, provide resistance against pathogenic disease agents, and enhance survival potential in pesticide poisonings.

Peppermint Thyme Potion

It provides support in establishing healthy bee colonies due to its aromatic essential components. It assists in the healthy overwintering of honey bees. It provides support against sudden population declines in the colony. It helps in combating wingless bee emergence observed in brood areas.


Due to its content of vitamins, minerals, and amino acid compounds, it strengthens the immune system of honey bees and provides the necessary food support, especially for brood development. Vetomin is produced as a concentrated product, with approximately 10 times the amount of components found in pollen, calculated based on average pollen content.

Our products are certified for dietary supplement safety and compliance in the United States by the FDA.

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